"Well, I lost just now. I can't wait to vent." Eyes, Zhao Nan's every move, in the eyes of the month, extra clear. Luo Chuan was too lazy to cover up and beat his waist card down in public. Now Sam has been beaten beyond recognition. Without the endless darkness, all the details of the battlefield can be seen. "Sometimes, when dealing with some people, we should be a little overbearing." Zhao Feng took out the king's crystal core of "purple wind and thunder lion" and sat down to rec Inside the sea, a long and thick lightning, such as a dragon, with a terrible power, roaring all the As soon as he took a step, he was pulled out of his back by someone. "But we really don't mean anything. We just want to get our family back!" At this point, he was truly integrated into the society, had his own blood, and was no longer an ali Thank you for the monthly pass of toothpaste party members~ Blood pupil learned from Leia that although the length of life is related to * *, it is not limited The biggest advantage of a border city is that it can turn the land near the city into its own terri Originally thought that before the anti heaven faction, found Zhao Yufei, this matter was solved per It is not that the main force of zahu under his command has already lost his courage. The reason why "He, it's time to have a rest. If I take you, we will each take you for a day." Gu Chenyi responded very quickly. When he stepped back, he kicked back, hitting Ruan Chongwen, who s

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