Without him, he heard the voice of the bid, and he was the Yin Su die of the Liuli gate! At this time, Zhao Feng's power source has been refined to the extreme. "Do we need to move the capital, your majesty?" After he pulled out the giant sword, he took a lunge and made a crisp sound. The bullet was deflecte "If you kneel down and apologize, we can consider letting you go!" All of them were surprised. This Fu Zhen was the yellow one on the stone tablet of Zhenxie. "Is the program from China the same as the one that just changed face and spurted fire?" "I thought it was Tangluo, the four heavenly kings who wanted to be put to death. Give me the Xianli Then you can get a lot of strange ingredients. After all, this guy still likes to eat. "That cloud is not polite, this trip also touched the light of Shuiling girl!" She lowered her head slightly and said, "I appreciate you..." From his point of view, we can clearly see the appearance of the war attendant. Ding Sizhu obviously felt that he was looking at himself. At this time, he no longer cared about his "I think it's better to have a look. Anyway, all the people are outside the casino. I'm sorr All the guests are just spitting, which is really horrible. Lin Dong nodded slightly: "brother Qin, how did you change back your clothes..." Han Xiaoye didn't get angry at last. He just sat down and was in a state of depression. His long stick of fighting spirit still did not dissipate. At this time, during his waving, all kind

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